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Electric Generators مولدات كهربائية

Electric Generater

We have over 35 years of experience in supplying Electric Generators for industrial and residential generation power requirements. We supply standby emergency power diesel generators, construction portable and mobile generators, diesel fuel tanks, auto transfer switches, manual transfer switches, mobile light towers, agricultural generators, switchable voltage generators, commercial and residential super silent generators, electrical transformers, and generator controllers. We can assist you in selecting the product for any application.

From the 1 kW generator for your summer cabin generator to your backup power generator 1000KW industrial for your plant. Our technical engineers each has a minimum of ten years experiences. We offer all electric generator accessories and spare parts for most types and sizes.

Air Compressors ضاغطات هواء

Air Compressor

 Compressed air is often called the “fourth utility” when applied to industrial operations. However, unlike water, gas and electricity the consumer is also typically the producer.

Becoming your own compressed air utility provider is as simple as buying an air compressor and installing the air lines and associated support equipment. One of the most important parts of producing compressed air is selecting the appropriate type of compressor for the application. Operators have essentially three types of equipment to choose from in fulfilling their compressed air needs.

The three basic types of air compressors

• Oil flooded or Oil free

• Water cooled or Air cooled

• Single stage or Multistage

We can assist you in selecting the product for any application with our engineers and experts.

PV Solar Systems أنظمة طاقة شمسية

PV Solar System

JADA Unique Full-Service Approach makes it easy for customers to switch to cleaner energy. We take a comprehensive look at our customers’ energy usage and identify opportunities for improvements. We perform the entire process, from permitting through installation, and provide ongoing monitoring and repair services. We also guarantee the electricity production of our solar energy systems to our customers. 

We are the only company that offers integrated sales, financing, designing, installing, monitoring and efficiency services without involving the services of multiple third parties. 

Our project management and performance monitoring systems scale to support thousands of users, and provide our customers a real-time view of their net energy consumption and carbon footprint.

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